What is the Bare Necessity Living all about?  Remember when as a child things were more simplistic? You woke up, got ready for the day (as quickly as you could), and grabbed your gear for a day in the sun with friends and entertainment that lasted until the sun went down.  There wasn’t a need for multiple technological apps and programs to keep us content. No, the most basic tools were enough to keep us satisfied all day and made us sad to have to leave it all for some rest.

It’s this life, this simple with the barest amount of tools life that I desire for myself, and if that is your desire too, then I am writing for you too!

I don’t have years of experience, yet, but just a passion for a holistic and health rich life, to learn and make mistakes to better understand this intriguing journey.  And it is my hope that you would choose to live vicariously through my writings, learning through my mistakes and gleaning information that will help you live the life the way you want to live.

To Bare Necessity Living!